Abortion in Good Faith

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As we face the reality of Donald Trump’s pledge to appoint “pro-life” Supreme Court justices, it is more important than ever that pro-choice, religious voices be heard.  This is especially true within the Catholic tradition for three reasons. Firsscreen-shot-2016-11-16-at-12-23-29-pmt, Catholic organizations operate a large proportion of our country’s health care system.  Second, Catholic groups led the challenge to the ACA’s contraceptive coverage mandate. Third, the behavior of Catholics does not align with the official teaching of the Church, a fact which seriously undercuts the legitimacy of the Church’s position on reproductive health care.  So let’s get the word out!  According to Catholics for Choice, 99% of Catholic women used some form of contraception banned by the Vatican between 2006 and 2010, and Catholic women have abortions at the same rate as the general population.  What can you do as a pro-choice Catholic? Join  Catholics for Choice in its multi-year campaign to raise the voices of Catholics who support the accessibility and affordability of abortion for everyone. How?  Take the pledge.    Want to know more? Key to the Catholic pro-choice argument is the Catholic teaching on the primacy of conscience, the Catholic understanding of theologians and the laity as a source of truth alongside the papal and episcopal hierarchy, and the Catholic social justice value of caring for the poor.   All this is explained well in the video The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics featuring theologians and ethicists speaking about the history of the Catholic thought on abortion and contraception, sex and sexuality, conscience and church reform.  Check it out. — Suzanne

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