Participate While Resisting

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A lot of people, including Episcopal Church leaders, are turning their backs and covering their ears rather than acknowledging the importance of the office of the presidency and the peaceful transfer of power that are crucial to the political health of the United States of America.  These include Episcopalians  upset that the National Cathedral’s Choir will sing at the inauguration and others who won’t pray for President Trump during religious services.  I’m appalled by Trump’s behavior on a daily basis. I didn’t vote for him, and I will be part of the Women’s March on Saturday, March 21st.  Nevertheless, I don’t believe that anything positive will be accomplished by refusing to participate in the inauguration. After a sporting event, we coach our children to always shake hands. No matter whether you think the opponent cheated. No matter whether you think the referee was biased against you. No matter whether you are sick to your stomach. You shake hands to honor the contest.  If we turn away, we diminish ourselves in the process.  Stand up and sing. Stand up and pray. Stand up and shake hands.  Then stand up and protest against all the parts of Trump’s program that bother you.  While some have said that it is unChristian for the National Cathedral to host a service commemorating the inauguration, we should all remember that there are plenty of Christians who voted for Trump.  I am related to some of them.  As President Obama advised in his farewell speech, dialogue and political action are crucial at this time.   Let’s engage politely with those whom we disagree. Let’s listen. And let’s exercise a political voice in support of all of our neighbors.

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